Happy New Year.. just a little late!

I just wanted to drop in and say hello! Oh and say a belated happy new year! I hope you had a lovely Christmas with perhaps some art or sewing goodies to open on Christmas Day?!

I haven’t been blogging much lately but I am still around – mostly posting the odd sneak peak of projects, coursework and of course, the many visiting dogs who spend their holidays with us! So do follow me if you’d like to see what I’m up to. I made the decision a few months back not do regular blog posts about the next course I was doing, each post seems to take hours to write as I figure out what to say then agonise over the wording and so on – those hours are better spent creating I thought! I don’t want to not blog though so I will blog after each Textile Explorations workshop and then do other posts every so often (follow me via WordPress, Facebook, Instagram or Bloglovin if you’d like notifications of new posts) but do remind me if I go too quiet though!

So what have I been up to?

Well in September, I spent a few sessions at the studio of artist Carole Waller. Carole makes wearable art and sells her work world-wide. She also teaches fabric painting and printing in her studio and lectures at Bath Spa University. I used the sessions to play around with ideas for my summer project and it was really helped to be able to discuss my thoughts and have questions asked back at me which made me really think and question what I was trying to say. I completely changed what I had planned to do and spent the time looking at layers and shadows created by layering up lines and abstract shapes. Unfortunately my photos really don’t do what I did justice!

In October, I started a mentor led course at the Windsor School of Art with tutor Amarjeet Nandhra. I mentioned the course and the summer project in an earlier post so I won’t go into that but suffice it to say, the theme of the project is the theme I’m following through the course. There are eight of us in our group and everyone chose their own theme so subjects vary quite a bit and includes boundaries, emotions & emoticons and decay. So very different! The first half of the course is working on a series of exercises, each using your chosen theme to inform with colour, shape, words etc. The exercises are not about creating finished work but about working out how you work ie representational, abstract, concept, process or material led; whether you prefer 2D or 3D; experimenting with ideas and most importantly, learning to trust your own instincts. Each session has a different exercise involving a different technique for example collage or using wax to create 3D structures. We have a set of objectives to achieve each session but, how you achieve these objectives with the technique set is up to you. Amarjeet provides support and encourages discussion and thinking (eek!). The course isn’t taught – that is, we are expected to know the how to’s of each technique but quick briefings were given to ensure we all know what is what before we started.

I’ve really enjoyed each session so far – well, not painting to music aka “expressive moods” – mark making and painting is fine, just forget the music lol! There is one more exercise session left and then we are at the halfway point and starting work on our individual projects. Can’t wait to see how things develop!

Workshop News!

Workshops for 2018 so far:

March 10th and 11th – Amanda Hislops’ “Developing Sketchbooks as a Rich Resource” Workshop – just 2 spaces left!

June 28th and 29th – Julia Tristan’s “Analysing Colour” Workshop – spaces available!

Please click through the links for more details and contact me if you would like to book a place. Both workshops promise to be really fun and a great chance to develop your skills further. Come on! Come and join me! I’d love to see you!

Becca x

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