“Embroidered Felt Panel Workshop with Jackie Cardy.

Oh I am so sorry! I was convinced I had blogged about the workshop with Jackie Cardy last October but after coming on to update about the most recent workshop, I realised that I had imagined writing this post! In my defence, I was in the middle of a fibro flare for most of October and November and not much got done at all! But, I will blog about it now!

Jackie did a 700 mile round trip to teach in Yate and North Devon in October last year, her first long journey trip to teach 2 workshops! It was a great workshop in Yate (and I’m sure the students of the other workshop had a great time too!) and I really appreciated Jackie driving so far to allow some of the interested south take part in one of her workshops! Sadly, I didn’t feel well enough to take part so I made sure I took plenty of photographs and absorbed all that was going on!

The workshop was split into two ways of creating the basic panel and then both panels were stitched into, to give the finished design. It was a fascinating glimpse into the way a simple product – wool tops – could be changed into a felt material and made into a beautiful piece of art. The possibilities of the way you can use this process is endless and really, only limited by your imagination!

The photos show various stages of creating from start to finish and the finished pieces were amazing! Jackie was a fantastic tutor, very enthusiastic about the different ways of working and very giving with information. Everyone had a fun and productive time and all went home feeling very enthused about what they had made and what they had learned. I hope Jackie will be able to come back and teach another workshop soon!

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