Catching up..

Well, that’s been rather long gap since my last blog post.. I really didn’t intend not to blog but with one thing and another, blogging fell to the bottom of my to-do list! But I am back now and decided I’ll do a quick catch up!

As you can see if you have a look around, I’ve had a bit of a change. A huge Fibromyalgia/CFS flare up last summer gave me plenty of thinking time (not always a good thing!) and led me to do a bit of re-evaluating. As a result, I’ve made some changes, not just here on the website but in my life too. Fibro/CFS forces limits what I can do, I have to carefully plan my time to make sure I have plenty of rest time. This doesn’t mean looking at each day individually but looking at the bigger picture ie if I do this high energy event then I need x amount of time before and after to rest up recover. Even spur of the moment events are carefully considered.. so not really spur of the moment at all!

As a result of all this thinking time, I’ve realised that I need to focus on what truly matters to me. I’m not talking about the obvious important matters such as family, that goes without saying but choosing how I fill my time wisely.

I really enjoy running workshops, bringing good tutors and classes to those wanting to learn. I don’t really enjoy dealing with the money side of things! Nor do I like coping with the nasty comments some people feel they have to give out but having spoken to other workshop providers, this seems par for the course. But thankfully, the nice people are in a much greater number and the support received from them was much appreciated, so thank you – you know who you are! But the reality is that the physical work of organising workshops is one of my flare triggers and the negative effects of the flare-up far outweigh any benefits of the workshops for me. So, sadly I have decided to stop running workshops. I won’t say never again but for now, it’s not in the plans.

Thank you to all those lovely people who have supported me and came to do a workshop. Thanks also to all the tutors who trusted me to sort everything out so that they could teach! I really appreciate each and every one of you and hope you will continue to follow me on my textile art journey!

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