1 Year of Stitches Project

In December last year I started thinking about a project for the new year. I’ve done this for a few years now with a different project each year. This year I decided to join in with the “1 Year of Stitches” project that has taken off on the brwnpaperbag  blog following Hannah Claire Somerville’s 365 day project where each day, she’s added at least one stitch to the same embroidery hoop and chronicled each day via instagram. A kind of diary made public!
I knew that if I did a project with no plan then I’d not keep up the momentum and get bored so decided that as I love peacocks so much, then I’d embroider a peacock over the year.
First off I hunted out photographs of peacocks and sketched out my design then traced the design with a pencil on to my fabric. After planning my design and getting it ready to stitch, I started looking at peacock photos to find a clear photo I could use for colour matching, lo and behold I find a picture of a peacock in the same pose (probably not that much of a surprise really!!!)
Those of you who know me will know I love bright colours (probably why I love peacocks in the first place!) but I especially love the colour red. So I decided that even though I have no idea whether this is a real red peacock or a photoshopped pic, that these were the perfect colours.
(I have been unable to find the source of the photo which I found on Pinterest, I will credit the source once I have the details but for now, it should link back to Pinterest)
I started off well and stitched everyday but recently life has got in the way a little so I’m still trying to stitch each day but I’m not stressing over it. Am pleased with where I’ve got to so far though!
Untitled design
 I’m posting as often as I can on instagram (not daily though!) if you would like to follow me.
So that is my yearly project but now I have time to work on projects that are not course related (well until September-ish time!) I have started to work on new ideas. I am currently at the sketchbook phase but hope to start on some samples and stitching soon. I will update once I have a bit more to show.
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